Saturday, December 18, 2021

Saturday, December 18, 2021

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Good morning lovely knitters!  Well, it is just ONE week until Christmas - which means I'll hopefully be seeing loads of your loved ones coming in to get you some treats this week!  I know you've been knitting your fingers off - so make sure they know what you want as your reward!  The easier is, of course, giftcards!  And there is nothing more fun than being in the yarn store with free yarn money in your pocket!

But there are also awesome kits!  Or get a gift that will keep giving with our SOS boxes or Shawl Lovers Knit Box!

Just this week, we sent out December's SOS Box!  And now, you can see the awesome kit that was FIRST in the mailbox of all the SOS clubbers!  The HiLo Temperature Cowl is the perfect way to start the new year!

So - several of us embarked on Temperature blankets this last year.  And, it was fun.  But also insane enough that maybe no one is going to finish in time (I've been killing myself trying to catch up, but I don't even know if I will make it)!  The HiLo Temperature Cowl is a much more manageble and still super fun Temperature Knit!  And SO gorgeous and snuggly!

One row per day - and since the rows are always the same amount of sts, if you fall behind, it isn't too hard to catch up!  You can find kits here.

The Pagoda Sport is in short supply, but I'm trying to get some Rivulet dyed by the end of next week.  (The real time suck is winding the mini-skeins - so wish me speedy winding!)


Since both of the holidays fall on Saturday, it is messing with our schedule a little bit - so, for the next couple of weeks, here are our hours:

Saturday, December 18: 12 - 5

Wednesday, December 22: 12 - 5

Thursday, December 23: 12 - 5

Friday, December 24: 12 - 3

Saturday, December 25: Closed

Wednesday, December 29: 12 - 5

Thursday, December 30: 12 - 5

Friday, December 31: 12 - 5

Saturday, January 1: Closed

And then we're back to the current normal with CLASSES on Sunday's!  There are a few that are starting really early in the new year and just have a space or two left.  So check your calendar and sign-up today!

Sweater Club - starts Sunday 1/9

Crochet for Beginners - starts Friday 1/7

Mukluks Knit Slippers - Sunday 1/16 and 1/30

Moebius Cast-on - Sunday 1/23

Clinic Time will be on Sunday's from 1:30 - 3 - please sign-up ahead of time because if no one is signed up, I'll head home.

This is likely our last real blog post for the year, so I just want to say Happy Holidays to all of you!  You are the best bunch any yarn shop could hope to have and I hope you have a excellent New Year!!  Lots to love to you and all your families!

Island Yarn 
189 Main Street
Maynard, MA  01754
Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 12-5


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