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PLEASE READ THE WHOLE LISTING (feel free to email if you have questions!)!

**NEW OPTION - if you feel like you may get behind on your knitting getting a box EVERY month, we've now added an every other month option!!  Just click the box that says "Deliver Every" and you'll see the every 2 month option!**

Welcome to the SAVE OUR SANITY Knit Box!  We've found, throughout the years, but especially now, that the two things saving our sanity are KNITTING and special deliveries to brighten even to yuckiest of days!  With this in mind, we've put together a special monthly box, just for you!  The SOS Knit Box will include a special new pattern (or a reworked pattern in fresh new yarn once in a while), yarn to make the pattern, and a few fun little gifts just to cheer you even more!  The kits will be mysteries until release, but they will all be accessories - cowls, hats, mittens, scarfs, socks - perfect for gifts if you don't fancy keeping the finished object for yourself!  Might as well start building your gift box now!  We'll try to keep the relative level of knits at advanced beginner to intermediate - nothing impossible, but always gorgeous!  

You'll receive an email on or around the 11th of each month with a link to choose from a few different colors (we were going to say 3 - but to be honest, sometimes we go crazier than 3 with color options) and optional add-ons like needles or more yarn for a larger size when applicable.  If you don't choose before the 15th, we'll happily send you one of the gorgeous colors with no add-ons - no pressure!

Photos are examples of some of our previous kits - yours will be NEW for you, but you can get a sense of our general style from these!

Deadline to subscribe for April is April 10th. Boxes will be ready for pick-up or shipping between the 20th and the 25th.  Once you have subscribed, you don't have to do anything but wait for your Color Choice email each month and then be delighted by your SOS Knit Box!

Our January Box was One Color Short of a Rainbow - which is available here!  

Our February Box was A Few Stairs Short of Heaven - which is available here!  

Our March Box was A Bag of Dragons - which is available here

Our April Box was Chasing Spring - which is available here!

Our May Box was At the Horizon - which is available here!

Our June Box was Little Fibbers - the yarn can be found here and the pattern can be found here!

Our July Box was Gambling with Color - which is available, in very limited quantities, here!

Our August Box was Four Stripes - which is available here!

Our September Box was Makara Leg Warmers and Makara Hat!  Find Azteca for these 2 projects here.

Our October Box was the Walkabout Shawl - which is available here!

Our November Box was the Mason Howl - which is available here!

Our December Box was the Hilo Temperature Cowl - which is available here!

Our January Box featured our brand new Hand-dye Singulush!  And included 4 hat patterns that you can find here.

Our February Box was the Winter's End Cowl and Hat - which is available here!

We're currently building our April box.  Subscribing now through April 10th is for April and will include a NEW, BEAUTIFUL kit!

If you are local - save by picking up the in shop (we'll email you when it is ready).  We also will ship internationally - it is the third option.  Please choose your shipping option from the drop down box - if you choose pick-up, but want it shipped, we will not be able to do this.  Price shown INCLUDES shipping (or free pick-up) - no further shipping should be added at checkout (if there is a glitch - we'll refund it right away).  You can cancel your subscription anytime, but we doubt you'll ever want to!  :)

The value of our SOS kits are often above $40 before shipping, so this is a GREAT way to get it before anyone else and save a tidy amount!  

If you want a box with shawls instead of other accessories, check out our NEW Shawl Lovers Knit Box!

You can always pause, skip a box, or cancel your subscription at any time from your account.

**For some reason, this listing isn't working well with Safari.  I'm trying to figure it out - but if you are having trouble, try opening the link in Chrome or another browser instead.**

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