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Weatherbee Cowl

Weatherbee Cowl

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Introducing the Weatherbee Cowl!  As in...the weather be insane, so let's knit a pretty thing to show that!  The Weatherbee Cowl combines our luscious hand-dyed Solea Light with 50 Mohair Shades to show just what the weather is doing on the every day of the year - not just the temperature!

The Weatherbee Cowl Kit includes five 150 yard hanks of our Solea Light - dyed in relatively pale colors so that your mohair has a fighting chance to combine and show through.  The sample you see here was made with Set 1.  It also includes 4 spools of 50 Mohair Shades - representing Sunny, Cloudy, Snowy, and Rainy.  If you want to use different colors for these (or if you live in a climate where the Snowy will never get used and want to swap it), feel free to click here and leave a note in your order with color numbers (but supplies may be limited).  The Weatherbee Cowl kit also includes a FREE pattern download code for the pattern! The finished cowl at the end of the year is approximately 7" wide and 52" long (around).  You'll need a Size 6, 16 - 24" circular needle.

Since the weather can be insane and unpredictable, we cannot guarantee that you won't run out of a certain color, but later in 2023, we'll add individual minis to this listing in case you need more.  And the mohair extras can be found at the link above.

And in case you missed it last year - we also have a gorgeous kit for another the Temperature Cowl - the Hilo Temperature cowl - you can find it here!

This kit ships for FREE within the US as we always ship for free on orders over $75.

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