Saturday, January 23, 2021

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Good morning lovely knitters!  Brrrrr!  It is a pretty chilly morning!  The cats have become heat seeking missiles again, so I know it is even chillier than I think!  Time to layer on all those woolen pretties (and tuck in the cats)!

Speaking of woolen pretties - many of you are enthralled with Bernie's mitts from the Inauguration!  There are many, many patterns showing up on Ravelry to choose from and I put together a couple of color-packs just to make it a little easier than trying to rifle through all of the listings for the right colors.  There's only a few - and if you come in, we can probably put together others, but just to make it a bit easier - they are here.  Boy, some of those meme's were just hilarious, but I have to say, my number 1 favorite was the Ghost one - haha, the mittens and pottery make me crack up every time.  But of course - a close second had to be the Muppets!  

I do love how the larger world was like, "I must MEME!" and all the knitters were like, "I MUST KNIT THOSE MITTENS!"  This is why you guys are my favorite people.

Anywho!  We also got our SOS boxes out this week!  The pattern was One Color Short of a Rainbow and you can get kits here!  If you don't want to miss our next awesome kit in the Save Our Sanity Box - sign-up here!

I'm so sure that I had some other things to say today, but I think my brain MUST be a little frosted over because it is freezing me out!


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