Bernie's Mitts Yarn Packs!

Island Yarn Company

$ 79.95

A bunch of you are interested in making these and a whole mess of patterns are appearing on Ravelry - I thought this might be easier than rifling through a bunch of yarn listings to find the right colors.  I'll try to make more (there's only 3 of the worsted)- and you'll notice one of the Herriot Great is there for color only - skeins will arrive tomorrow (I think!).  This kit does not include the pattern - just check ravelry and you'll find several by faster designer than I!  :)

The worsted set now includes 3 skeins of Juniper Moon Stargazer Brushed and 1 skein of Island Yarn Poosh (the sepia color)and would make 3, if not four pairs of mittens. 

The chunky set includes 4 skeins of Juniper Moon Farm Herriot Great (you could make at least 3, if not for pairs out of this set).

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