Saturday, January 16, 2021

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Good morning lovely knitters!  It sure it soupy one out there!  The pitter patter of rain tried really hard to make me sleep in, but Chloe cat disagreed with those motives, and of course, won.  It looks like it will let up a little after I open, so you may not even have to swim if you want to pop in today!

I finally finished this large version of the Stollen Shawlen this week.  I lurv this color combo!  Aja loves it too and I can't tell you how many times, while I was knitting, she said, "That thing is so pretty!"  We're purply girls, what can I say?

Our first SOS Knit Boxes are headed out today (as soon as UPS brings me the few little extras I've been waiting on all week) - don't miss out on February's!  You're probably going to be green with envy when you start seeing this on!

I've also had enough people talk about the Temperature Blanket knits - that we're gonna do it - a year long K+ CAL!  You can see all the details and kits here.  The kits are all ready to go, but if you want to pop in and build your own out of any yarn, feel free - it is pretty fun to put it together and a great little bit of knitting or crocheting to center you in the morning!!

And a lot of you have been asking about charity knitting.  Cindy found a place that is accepting donations and generously offered to drop off things to their Cambridge location.  We'll collect in the shop and I'll pass them off to her, so if you have been itching to do some charity knitting...hats, mittens, and scarves are all welcome!

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