Temperature K+CAL Kits (Ish)

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Temperature K+CAL Kits (Ish)

I've been thinking this would be a fun project for several years, but just have never manage to put it together at the right time.  Even now - I'm about a week behind, but I figure it might be ok - because the beginnings of projects are super exciting - and it is actually difficult to JUST do one row at the beginning.  

So, these kits have been put together to at least give you a start on a Temperature Blanket.  You can knit or crochet - there are multitudes of patterns on Ravelry - or you can just make up your own!  Cast on and knit garter stitch if you want to go super easy!  Or chain and single crochet the whole thing!  But there are a lot of options.

These are Kits (ish) because you may (and probably likely) need more of certain colors - depending on the weather where you live.  Shock for you all - I can't predict what the temps will be, so save your labels so that if you need more - you can find it.  (If a tragedy occurs with the discontinuation of a color - we'll help you find something close!)  You can also just boost up your levels here at the beginning if it makes you feel better.  The following kits are all 1000 grams of yarn, but they are all linked so that you can add more if you want.  You can also make a scarf or shawl if you prefer.  I stayed away from bulky yarns for this kit because the blanket would get REALLY big and quite costly, but if you prefer them and have a king size bed you're trying to cover, feel free to check out our bulky/chunky yarns.  If you want to choose your own colors in general, just follow the links in the set descriptions.  Try to choose harmonious colors with a pop or two for the best results.

There are 10 colors in each set - assuming 1 color for each 10 degrees from 0-100.  If you live somewhere that doesn't have such a huge range of temps, you could go every 5 degrees instead.  Here in New England - 0 to 100 is definitely possible and probable at some point in the year!  You can arrange your colors anyway you want, but I would urge you to land your favorites in the temps that are most frequent and not (like I often do) just ROYGBIV the set.

We'll be progress posting over here, so you can ask questions - get inspiration or just be generally goofy over there!  :)  Ok - I think that's it - I'm sure I forgot something, but leave a question over on the thread or drop me an email if you have something to ask!

The sets: (Kits include one each of the colors shown)

Noro Sonata (I think this is what I'm using - tons of yardage will get you way further on the path)

Juniper Moon Farm Cumulus (Delicious cotton - perfect for snuggly blankets  This one is also perfect for babies being born this year - how cool to have a "weather in the year you were born" blanket!)

Ella Rae Superwash Classic (a nice, but more budget friendly option - not as luscious at the others, but still great.  I still need to update the colors on this - so if you are choosing your own, please email me before you order to make sure we have it or can get it)


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