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Watery Ripples Kit

Watery Ripples Kit

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This beautiful shawl is made from the only cotton I've ever truly loved - delicious, soft, and snuggly Juniper Moon Farm Cumulus!  I love these new Rainbow and Degrade colors, with their slow subtle changes! And knitting with Cumulus - it is the only cotton I can binge knit without having wrist or hand pain.  It is just ALL the goodness!  And it is a perfect fiber for the more fiber sensitive among us!

Watery Ripples is a fun parallelogram shawl that draws the colors into lovely ridges to create a gorgeous ripples in the water look.  It involves picking up stitches every 20 rows or so, but they are easy pickups as you just insert your needle into the purl bumps that you've created on the diagonal with the pattern.  So, don't worry!  It isn't too hard!  And it is shockingly fast - once I settled on a stitch count and gauge - this puppy took only about 3 days to knit! 

Our Watery Ripples kit includes all the yarn you need (4 skeins) of your chosen color of Cumulus Rainbow  or Cumulus Degrade and a FREE pattern download (the pattern download will come in your order confirmation)!  The size along the edges is 64" x 16" and along the diagonal is @76"  It is very easy to make larger or smaller just by adding or subtracting repeats.  If you want to make it bigger, you will need extra yarn as the shawl uses a good 970 yards of the 1004 included with the kit.  Find Cumulus Rainbow on its own here.

You'll need size 9 (32" - 40") and either 7 or 8 (24") circular needles ready to get started right away!  The sample uses color 204.

**This kit ships for free within the US**

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