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Island Yarn

Mad Shells Scarf Pattern - CROCHET

Mad Shells Scarf Pattern - CROCHET

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(PATTERN ONLY - find Mad Balls here)

The Mad Shells is SUCH an addictive Mad Ball project! The changes in the Mad Balls are gorgeous with the gentle waves of this stitch pattern! There are notes on the pattern in you want to make it longer or wider, but you’ll need more than two Mad Balls if you want to expand it. You’ll also need an equal amount of your contrast yarn. We’ve made this one JUST for Mad Balls and so it is included when you buy a Mad Ball (with 17 more patterns)!

The Mad Shells Blanket is one of 20 patterns included when you purchase a Mad Ball, which can only be found here!

Your pattern will arrive as a download with your order confirmation.  Click "View order, then click where it says you have ravelry downlaods.)

1 Island Yarn Mad Ball – find at
Size I (5.5 mm) Crochet Hook
Darning needle for weaving in ends

1 shell + 1sc = 2.5”
Exact gauge is relatively unimportant for this scarf

Blocked – 62” length x 7” wide

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