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Love from Afar Baby Blanket Kit

Love from Afar Baby Blanket Kit

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Rainbow Color
Solid Cumulus Color

I'm not usually a huge fan of hearts in knitting, but I love this blanket because it is so subtle.  Wrapped up around a wee one, it looks just like a striped blanket, but check it out at an angle or from a little bit of a distance and you can see all the hearts pop up!  It is like knitting a little secret!  And knitting Cumulus is SUCH a delight!

The small blanket measures about 24" x 28" - a nice car seat or stroller size, the larger blanket measures about 32" x 36" for a more snuggly, wrap up option.  Of course - you can make this blanket as big as you want - you need equal skeins of a solid Cumulus and Cumulus Rainbow if you want to make it larger.

The pattern is both charted and written out, so none of you have to worry about difficulty - if you can knit, purl, and count, you'll be good!  You'll need a Size 7, 32" circular for this blanket.  The sample is made with Rainbow #205 and Cumulus 01,  This kit includes all the yarn you need for the size you choose and a FREE pattern download which will arrive with your order confirmation!

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