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Island Yarn

Island Yarn Cashmere Parfait

Island Yarn Cashmere Parfait

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The specs:

100% Cashmere, 350 yards, DK weight, handwash

The love:

There's so much love for Cashmere Parfait that it just can't be contained in one paragraph.  Made from 100% reclaimed cashmere, each gorgeous skein in unique and full of subtle surprises as you knit.  There are batches, so if you want to make a larger project like the Aryia Sweater, just choose several that look similar.  You can get more inspiration for this amazingly luxurious yarn that is bursting with good recycling karma here.

NEW colors!!  Our new batches Midnight Graffiti and Newsprint are perfect for loads of projects where you want one dominant color and little pops of lots of others.  For reference - Midnight Graffiti Cool have pops of greens, blues and purples.  Random has just about any colors - as seen in the Midnight Graffiti Shawl and Newsprint is mostly white with pops of black.  The Midnight Graffiti Shawl takes 1 skein of Cashmere Parfait and 1 skein of Reclaimed Cashmere.   (Get free shipping when you get both together!)


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