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Dragon Scales Shawl Kit

Dragon Scales Shawl Kit

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Our new kit - Dragon Scales is SUCH an addictive knit.  Watching the colors play over this surprisingly easy stitch pattern is a true delight.

I love this stitch pattern like you wouldn’t believe.  Though I’ve never found it in a book, it came into being so naturally on a swatch, I now want it on a million different projects.  Based on the old honeycomb slip stitch pattern, it is more layered to create a dragon scale or a peacock feather look.  Once you do a couple of repeats, it’ll become really intuitive. The colors are used almost equally, so just label C1 and C2 however you like. .

This kit includes all the Amitola you need (3 each in the colorset) and a pattern download.  You'll need a Size US 5 needle.

The finished size of this shawl is approx 70” wingspan x 35” depth and is easy to adjust either bigger or smalller.  If you want two colors that are in the same option box, feel free to use the special order option to get just what you want!

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