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Choice Shawl Kit

Choice Shawl Kit

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It has becoming alarming clear how important having choices is and so this shawl gives you loads of choices!  You can make it just as you see it here and just choose 4 colors - order them in loads of different ways.  You can increase or decrease the size of solid section or the combined color sections – you can do ANYTHING and you’ll still have a gorgeous, drapey shawl to wear!

For me, I'm wearing it to vote in November!  It'll remind me how happy I am to be voting (though, I'm a voting dork and always happy to be voting)!

The Choice shawl is made with 4 colors of silky, luscious Noro Sonata.  The kit will include one skein each of the four colors that you choose and a pattern download (click "view order" on your order confirmation, then click where it says "you have ravelry downloads")!  You'll need a long Size 6 (4mm) needle.

This kit ships for FREE within the US since we always ship for free on orders over $75!


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