Saturday, September 4, 2021

Victoria Myers

Good morning lovely knitters!  Oh, the mornings are speaking my language this week!  And that language is Autumn!  The only word you really need to know is "Ahhhhhh".  :)  It makes me feel like casting on a zillion and one (the one is special) more projects!

Here's a crazy thing - this month will mark Island Yarn being 15 years old!!  Honestly, this JUST occurred to me, so while I'll plan to add a little more fun every week, so far, we've got an extra 15% off all Sale Bin yarns for the month of September!  The discount will come off automatically in your cart.  

The shipping delays of the world are still being a little trying, which means that our Papillion KAL start date has been extended thru September since we are still waiting for the sample color to be back in.  BUT!  There are two new colorsets of the Noro for you to flirt with - supplies are limited, so grab them quick!

Only one week left to sign up for Save Our Sanity!  It is the time of year when we knitters need to get serious about holiday knitting, and the SOS box is the perfect way to keep our gift box filled up (if you can bear to part with the projects!)  Sign up now!

Speaking of the holidays!  We're going to do our 10-row/100 day challenge again!  I'll say more about it next week, but this is your heads up to start planning!  Google tells me it is 112 days until Christmas!

The Greater Boston Yarn Crawl is less than a month away (September 30 - October 3), so get your Wayside Waves on the needles!  Wear it on the crawl and get fun little prizes at every shop you visit!

This week we released Siblings - this cute, easy top-down seamless raglan sweater is perfect for all the kiddos in your life!  Sized from 12 months to 12 years, you can whip this one up and have a snuggly (made with super soft Cumulus yarns) sweater in no time!  There's also ONE spot left in our class for this sweater, so grab it if you want to make one with some supervision!

Happy Labor Day to you all!  Stay safe and healthy out there!

Island Yarn 
189 Main Street
Maynard, MA  01754
Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 12-5

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