Saturday, September 17, 2022

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Good chilly morning lovely knitters!  I'm so happy to feel some cool air, but I have to say, at first, my body was like - "It's chilly!  Time to hibernate!" and made me super sleepy for a day or two!  I know a lot of you felt the same, but now that we've adjusted a little, its time to wake up and fondle some yarn because there is just WAY too much news today.  I'm thanking you in advance for sticking through this whole post and I'll try to keep it as succinct (NOT my strongest quality) as possible!

Ok - FIRST - you can still join the 10 Row/100 Day Challenge!  But just for a few more days!  This is a totally free event to help you keep all of those holiday gifts move along your needles!  Check it out - the 10 Rowers are already off and running with some gorgeous projects already showing up!

Next - Save Our Sanity boxes have ended for now.  September is shipping next week, but after that, we're paused for a while.  The notice was meant to send today after you read this, but it didn't work quite right - so if you got a "Your subscription has been paused" notification, that was what is was about!  But, DON'T WORRY!  We're still continuing with the Shawl Lovers box (delivered every other month) so if you want, you can sign up for that!  And, I'm pondering a different SOS box set up (maybe limited little bursts - like 3 months of hats or cowls or something) but it is still very much in the brainstorming phase, so it will be a little while.

Papillion kits are FLYING out of the door, so don't delay in grabbing one!  I got word this week, that there won't be anymore of several of the colors until next year, which means when the kits are gone, they are gone!

The sale bin is OVERFLOWING right now because I had to make space for the NEW fall yarn that is landing just about every day!

And those new yarns, you ask?!  Well here are just a few!

Amazing Watercolor Sock by Laines du Nord - beautiful and so convenient on cones!


And then 2 sisters - Matera and Vasto

These yarns are just such a delight - sproingy, wooly, washable, amazing stitch defintion - I can't say enough about them.  They are going to become your go-to sweater yarns - especially at that AWESOME price!

Also - I currently have the VOTE hat kits online, but since our stock of Kureyon Air is so limited, these will only be available for another week or so.  So, grab one quick and you can make 2 hats for voting day!!

I promise - I'm trying to wrap up before you lose the will to keep reading!  

Classes start NEXT weekend!  Don't miss out on the first batch - Beginner Cabling

And Top - Down Kid's Raglan!

Also, with SO much news, I feel like Acorn Path is not getting enough featured pattern love!  

Kits are available here.  Since it is our featured pattern, you'll not only get a free pattern download code for Acorn path, but a bonus discount on any of our other patterns!!
You can also get the pattern by itself for 20% off this month by going here and using code SEPTPOM:
And just a quick reminder that the Greater Boston Yarn Crawl is September 29 - October 2!  Make sure you pop in that weekend for some ultimate yarny fun!!
Ok - I THINK that's what I have today.  I'll surely see you today after all of that!  :)
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