Saturday, October 23, 2021

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Good morning lovely knitters!  Wow - New England is just exploding with color!!  Is there anything better than fall?  I love it SO much!  And there have been boxes and boxes of yarn arriving - making it even more exciting!

This week, we got a whole bunch of gorgeousness from Lana Grossa and Trendsetter.  I only managed to get 2 of these online so far - you'll have to pop in to see the other two.  But first - Meilenweit Merino!!  Lana Grossa sock yarn is sock the the hardest wearing sock yarn in existence (I've had socks for 7+ year made out of it and still going strong!) and this one is simply delightful!

Next - Trendsetter Candy Landy!  This one is so pretty and I had suspicions that it would be perfect for colorwork with Cotton Merino (one of my truest loves of all time) and the suspicions were correct!  Pop in and see the little swatch and then plan some amazing colorwork with these two!

This week, SOS boxes also went out, which means you can sign-up now for November's box and get our next new kit before anyone else!!

October's SOS box contained the gorgeous Walkabout Shawl!  It is made with Louisa Harding Pittura and Ella Rae Silky Kid and is easy and perfect for throwing on inside or out for a little snuggle layer!  It is available in 6 of 7 colors that we put together!

In weirded news - in my endless stalking of Amitola, I happened to see a bunch of amazing discontinued (I cried, I tell you, when these left years ago) colors appear.  Naturally, I scooped them up as fast as my little fingers could click!  I haven't put them online, but you should come and grab them before they disappear again - color 116!!!!  One of my all time favorites is in that box!!

 And last - just to keep you honest - 9 weeks until Christmas!!  Our featured project for this week is A Few Stairs Short of Heaven - mainly because the reactions to this one from knitters and non-knitters alike mean that it will make an AWESOME gift for many, many of your peeps!  Get one on the needles today!  It is a surprisingly quick knit!

Have a wonderful autumn week, everyone!

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