Saturday, November 13, 2021

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Good morning lovely knitters!  Well, it was MUCH easier to wake up today than it was yesterday!  And guess what I woke up to?  Some of you have been watching this insane Kitty Couch with giggling interest.  Well, last night I finally got the foam in it and set it on the floor in front of the wood stove.  Both cats sniffed it, then walked away.  I spent the rest of the night telling them that they weren't allowed to sit on it (all cat lovers understand the necessary reverse psychology here) and this morning, guess what I woke up to?!!?!


Heee!  Mooney likes it - and feels very handsome on it as well!  Success!  And thank you to everyone who can mange to ignore that there are 3 other cat beds in the background of that picture.  Anyone who is insane enough to make a cat couch is well trained in spoiling cats!

Ok - on to shop news!  Though I know you are all still looking at that picture and giggling...  With just 6 weeks until Christmas, we've actually got TWO awesome easy and quick projects this week!  First is this awesomely easy scarf made with one skein of Trendsetter Lucky

Though I haven't really named it yet, in my head this is called "New Show Scarf" because it is so mindless, you can even pay attention to a whole new show!

Second, these two great drop ship kits appeared this week! 

Louisa Harding Enorme is a gorgeous yarn and if you want to make the set - check out the deal we have when you order more than one drop ship kit in an order.  (It's at the top of the drop-ship page.  This hat and scarf are on Size 13 and 15 needles, so they will FLY!

We also changed up our SOS boxes just a little this week!  SOS will be accessories only (NOT shawls) any longer and there is an added option to subscribe every other month for those of you that feel like you get way behind with an every month box!  

But what happened to the shawls, you ask?  Well, they got their very own box!!  The Shawl Lovers Box will ship every other month and include all the yarn you need, pattern, and a goodie or two!  I'm SO in love with the first shawl that will be in this box - a bunch of my other knitting has been being neglected for it!  Join before December 10 to get this first shawl!!

Loads of Howls are appearing - some of you have already finished 4 or 5 of them and I hope that means your gift boxes are getting full!  If you haven't grabbed one or seven Howl for Noro kits yet, why not grab one today?  :)

Ok - time to make breakfast!  Hope to see you!!

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