Saturday, May 8, 2021

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Good morning lovely knitters!  The LILACS are bursting everywhere!!!  This makes me so happy - I love to just stand next to them and pretend my whole world smells like Lilacs!

I often remember that Mother's Day is upon us a little too late, but luckily my daughter does not forget - I've decided to take that as a sign that I did something right!  If you are like me - grab a giftcard quick!  There's nothing knitters love more than yarny freedom in the shop!!

Just 2 days left to sign up for our Save Our Sanity box before May passes you by.  I'm SO excited about this one and can't wait until my girl and I get the pictures done so that you can see it!  

I got a few new Mad Balls done this week - mostly because it is the perfect season for the Mad Ball Capelet - just the thing for these days when you need a little something, but not a whole sweater!


I think that might be it this week - I always have a nagging sensation that I've forgotten something, but honestly, at this point, that sensation is just a part of who I am!  Might as well get used to it!  Have a Happy Mother's Day all of you mothers!!!

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