Saturday, May 28, 2022

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Good morning lovely knitters!  Happy Memorial Day weekend!  I know loads of you are away, but if you're not, we're open from 12 to 5 today with lots of fun stuff!!

We have another AMAZING Oven Mitt pattern!  The Star Baker mitts!  I love the Great British Bake-off - it is my go to soothing thing to watch (though it does always make me want to head to the kitchen and make naughty, delicious things)!  So, Star Baker Oven Mitts just seemed like the next right oven mitt!! 

Make them for yourself or for the star baker in your family!  You can find kits here!

We also had some yummy, new, blue Mad Balls in this week!  Summer is the perfect time to have a Mad Ball project - engaging, fun, easy and just one ball to tote around on your travels!

And since May is almost done, there is just a few more days to get the What Did I Come in Here For Shawl kit!  It is made with gorgeous Louisa Harding Pittura and super cute Teenie Weenie Wools!  Grab this one before it is gone!

As with all of our featured monthly patterns, you'll get a bonus 25% off any pattern code in addition to the free code for What Did I Come In Here For when you get the kit here.
If you want to score this pattern alone for 25% off, you can use code MAYPOM and get it here.
Have a beautiful LONG weekend, everyone!
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