What Did I Come In Here For Shawl Kit

Island Yarn

$ 75.99

How many of you have ever felt that way?  Man - the amount of times I find myself standing in the living room with no idea what that plan was.  So, I go back to what I was doing - usually knitting.  And then, I've got it!  Right back to the living room, and then no idea again!  Hopefully by the time I'm on the pretty pink edge path - I'll know what on earth I was doing!  

This beautiful shawl is made with luscious Louisa Harding Pittura and 5 different colors of KFI Teenie Weenie Wool.  The largest mosaic stripe takes 2 of the Teenie Weenies, so the color on the farthest right will come with 2 little skeins - unless you say otherwise in the notes.  This kit includes 3 skeins of Pittura and 6 skeins of Teenie Weenie Wool and a pattern download code.  Dig out some size 6 needles and you'll be ready to start!

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You can see the pattern details here.

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