Saturday, March 26, 2022

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Good morning lovely knitters!!  It is looking like a PERFECT day for some yarn fondling (though, I don't know if there are days that aren't perfect for that)!  

This week, we got some BIG boxes filed with Cumulus Rainbow, so it is one of those beautiful moments where all of the colors and kits using Cumulus Rainbow are fully in stock!  Wahoo!  It isn't a circumstance that lasts long, but it definitely makes me happy when I can say it!  This means you can get any colorset of the Starburst Shawl

Watery Ripples

Wayside Waves

And Love from Afar

Those are just a whole bunch of projects to keep you happy while I impatiently wait for the new spring yarn to arrive!

This is also that last week that Crystal Axis is our featured pattern/kit!  

This is so fun to knit!  The Noro will keep you entertained with its gorgeous colors and the Moonshine Fine will delight your little paws as you knit!  

Since Crystal Axis is our featured pattern this month, you'll get a bonus 25% off any pattern code in addition to the free code for the Crystal Axis!
If you want to score this pattern for 25% off, you can use code MARCHPOM and get it here:
There are also a boatload of classes starting in April and May - don't delay if you want to learn some beginner cabling or the Moebius cast-on - those start REALLY soon!
I'm also (again) reworking the destashing - the code plan didn't work well (the system wouldn't let you stack them on larger purchases so it made me mad), but I still don't want you guys to have to carry around a million little slips of paper so I think I'm going to convert it into points.  In case a spring clean--out bug grabs you - you'll get 250 points added to your stash cash for every lb of yarn you unload.  (That means if you destash 10 lbs - you'll get enough points to get a 20% - making this an awesome deal if you are planning a big project!)  Remember, partial skeins are fine, anything is fine, just double check to make sure there are no critters - it is the only rule!
We had knit night in person this week for the first time in 2 years and it was SO fun to see everyone in person - even though it was a yucky rainy day.  Just a reminder that we are now open until 8pm on Thursdays!
I'm almost done with Charity Blanket #2 - how are you guys doing on yours??
Hope to see your lovely faces today!  :)
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