Saturday, March 12, 2022

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Good morning lovely knitters! 

We've got our charity project all put together!  So, most of you probably saw last week that we are knitting blankets for Boston Medical Center who sends their ICU patients home with a blanket after their stay.  Which means - they need MORE!  And, we are all REALLY good at knitting MORE!  Here are the details (I hope I don't forget anything, but feel free to leave a comment asking if I do)!  You know I love to make these projects awesome in several ways - so I hope I didn't muddy the pool with all my stuff!

This project will run from today to August 15th (at least - we might extend, but we'll see how it is going then). 

You can knit, crochet or weave blankets made of anything!  Any pattern will work - here is a link to free blankets on Ravelry if you want to try out a bunch of different patterns.  I put together this Karma Blanket this week so that you would have a quick, easy go-to that will churn through your stash and leftovers! 

The Karma Blanket is free with code K4CHARITY, but if you buy it, 100% of the sales will go to to help them help the Ukranian refugees in this hideous, terrible time (couldn't forget them in this)!  This will really only be impactful if a lot of people do it, so if you can share this post or pattern on your various social medias, that will help a ton, too!!

Blankets must be at least 30" x 30" (a nice lap or baby blanket), but can go up to 55ish x 60ish (a generous throw).  We'll collect them at Island Yarn and fantastic Catherine is going to deliver them to the surgeon who made the request and is a part of Socially Responsible Surgery.

For those of you who don't have leftovers and stash (I think there might be 4 of you?), I'm going to put together some more grab bags this weekend which will help get you going too!  You can also score a mystery grab bag with your stash cash points - when you have enough it will be offered up at checkout.  Make sure you add one to your cart before using the free code!

When you bring in a blanket, you can pick a prize from our mystery prize jar!  AND, the person who makes the most blankets before August 15 will win an awesome prize (in addition to being followed around by all the good karma that they can manage)!  

For those of you guys who aren't local, you can still get the pattern and make some blankets for a charity in your local area - maybe a shelter or a hospital or an animal shelter!

Ok - did I get all of the things?  Let's put some love out there, guys!  The world sure could use it!

And just one little extra - there is only ONE spot left in the Flying Geese Sweater Club that starts on 3/16  and Jeri just released a worsted version of the pattern!  Time is running out for you to join!

I'll yammer more about new yarns and other fun knitterly things next week, but I think this is enough to start our engines this week!  Hope to see your smiling faces under piles of blankets!!

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Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 12-5


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Sure Claire! That would be awesome! <3

Island Yarn

Can I mail my blanket when it’s completed?

Claire Pettigrew

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