Saturday, June 26, 2021

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Good morning lovely knitters!  Sorry that I didn't post any news last week - sometimes in the summer, there are a few weeks that there just isn't much to talk about. So, instead of torturing you with my whining about animals eating all of my plants, I figured I would just leave it for that week!  But THIS week!  There's some fun news!

Our SOS Boxes went out this week  - packed full of delightful, luxurious Little Fibber Socks!!  Socks are just the perfect summer knit and our hand-dyed Solace is a treat for your feet!  These were only kit-ed for SOS subscribers, but you can find the yarn here and the pattern here!  If you don't want to miss out on our July box, head here to sign up for Save Our Sanity!

I got new colors of Noro Sonata in this week (not online yet, so pop in), though I'm still stalking most of my Sonata shipment.  Which leads to this news - I've already been sitting on this for a few weeks, but I thought I would give it an early mention for anyone who wants to get a jump on our next KAL.  Once I have more yarn, I'll put together kits, but you can always come in and build your own before that!  We're making the Pappillion Shawl! 

Someone was making this at knit night - and the cacophony (myself included) of people saying, "I've been meaning to make that for years!" was deafening, so here we go!  I used Silk Garden Sock and Sonata which is glorious - but there are many other options in store for those of you who don't LURV Noro like I do.  :)  Pop in and get your yarn and get a head start!!  You can find the pattern here.

I'm still working on a new class schedule for stuff starting up in late August/early September....if you have class desired, let me know!

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