Saturday, January 30, 2021

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Good morning lovely knitters!  Well, I thought I was frozen LAST weekend, but then....this is next level freezing!  Double cowl days to be sure!  I'm going to try to remember what I'm supposed to say, but we'll see - it hasn't been much of a week for functioning brains!

First!  The release of this new Heart Scarf has everyone excited!  And it is also an excellent preview of the Noro Magazine that is yet to arrive - rarely do we get a kit BEFORE a magazine come out!! 

It is so pretty and popular that the sample color A is now on back-order and expected to be back in stock "in a few weeks" says Knitting Fever - which is a little better than the vague "soon" I was getting yesterday, but they did release 2 more versions that are similar.  E and F - though to my mind - F is the winner!  This one may sell out over the weekend though, so if you want it without waiting, get it soon - I'm putting orders in the moment you order, so you'll be as early in the queue as possible!

I'm seeing quite a few One Color Short of a Rainbow get finished from our SOS Box subscribers!  Don't miss this kit OR our next box

I've been working on the next pattern and I have to tell you - when you're plotting a pattern a few things might happen when it comes to knitting.  Sometimes, it is awful - straight off the needles, never to be seen again.  Sometimes, it has potential, but needs loads of tweaks.  Sometimes, magic occurs, and it is JUST like what is in your head.  And then SOMETIMES, VERY RARELY, the knitting angels sing, and when you knit it up - it is even better than what is in your head.  THIS is what has happened with our next SOS pattern.  I'm in love with it!  You have only until 2/10 to make sure you get our February box!

And last, but not least!  I got a big box of of Painted Sky this week (though it isn't online yet).  This is a great WASHABLE color changing yarn that I used to have, but got mad at it because the skeins would always explode into a mess on the shelf!  But tidier put-up means it is back!  So, pop in and see it!  It is fantastic for lots of items (worsted) and especially great for kids stuff with vibrant colors and easy care!

Ok - there's some stuff!  I'm not sure it is everything, but it is a start!  Bundle up and see you soon, lovelies!

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