Saturday, January 2nd, 2021!!!!

Saturday, January 2nd, 2021!!!!

Good morning lovely knitters!  We MADE IT through 2020!  Thank goodness that bit is over!  And keeping all the hope alive for this year to be better!  We're back to a irregular regular hours - Wednesday thru Saturday 12-4 with the holidays now passed, so much easier to remember!

I've got TWO excited things to tell you about today!  First is our NEW kit club - Save Our Sanity Knit Box!  This is a monthly kit - (though you can cancel and rejoin anytime if you start to get overwhelmed) with a NEW, gorgeous kit put together just for you!  You can pick up in the shop or have shipped.  Check here for all the details!

AND we have a NEW special New Year's Shawl Kit!  The Stollen Shawlen was inspired by a New Year's bake on bake off - and it is SO fun to make and available in 13 different colorsets (really way more if you pop in to build it yourself from our shelves)!  There are two sizes also - so whether you like a smaller shawl just around your shoulders - or a big, cozy wrap up - you're all covered!

And now I have to run to the shower - spent too much time this morning trying to get something off the loom!  Hope to see or hear from you soon, my friends!

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