Saturday, February 27, 2021

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Good morning to you all!  I was all set to come on here and gush about the hints of spring - 40's and sunny all week - lovely!  Then, I woke up this morning.  And almost went right back to bed.  Soon, soon, my lovelies - it will stop snowing.  

This week, the restock of the Heart scarf kits came in - which means all of those pre-orders are out!  Yay!  I love to clear a queue!  If you haven't gotten one yet, make sure you order soon - they'll likely be gone again pretty soon!

I also got the delicious and delightful Moonshine Fine online.  And I did a little swatching this week with it.  It is SO drool worthy!  It is one of those yarns that makes you sad to finish a project because you just want to keep knitting!!

There's just about 10 days left to sign-up for SOS to ensure that you get March's Box!  Some many people are already well on their way with A Few Stairs Short of Heaven - I can't wait to see the finished ones start popping up!!

Also!  New Mad Balls in last week - I forgot to mention!  A nice cheery batch to get you through until the buds start popping!!


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Will you hold one of the Heart scarves for me? I’ll be in later today – Saturday.

Donna Carey

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