Saturday, December 4, 2021

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Good morning lovely knitters!  It is Saturday, right?  I've been so screwed up this week, just wanted to make sure!  But today?  Chloe has a very important message for you.


Heeee - is she not the cutest little task master?  She may be tough, but if you please her she'll reward you with her amazing instant purr machine!

So, the pattern I was going to release this week is still waiting because one of the yarns isn't in, so instead I have the great back-up plan emergency gift for you!  You are likely creating loads of little ends of balls right now, and if you need a quick gift on a day that I'm closed (watching that Wednesday weather with some scrutiny), the Make Your Own Colorway Hat or Cowl is PERFECT!


You can always put together a bunch of ends and pop in to the shop to find something fun to unify them, but in a pinch, you can often put together DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS hats and cowls just from your leftovers - and feel oh-so-virtuous about using them up (and it is written for all gauges)!  This week (until next Saturday), when you buy BOTH the Make Your Own Colorway Hat and Cowl pattern and use code XMASMAKE at checkout, you'll save 25%!  

And few "don't forgets" - 

Don't forget to sign up for classes SOON - many are almost or completely full, so don't miss out on the class you want by waiting!

Don't forget to tell your peeps, that YES, we have giftcards (and then start salivating at the prospect of visiting in the new year with free yarn money in your paws)!

There are only 4 Christmas Mad Balls left, so snap one up.  There won't be anymore until next year!

And don't forget to sign up for our Shawl Lovers Box or SOS Knit Box before 12/10 if you don't want to miss out on December's boxes!

Hopefully that Wednesday stuff will become rain as it gets closer, but if we have to close, we'll let you know (or call before trudging out).  Or just come in today and get your fix!  :)

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