Saturday, April 20, 2024

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Good morning lovely knitters!  I hope you all managed to make it out of bed this morning even though that rain was so sleep inducing!  I think I've finally manged to wake up - but if you see a bunch of typos - you'll know I'm wrong!

This week we had a BIG batch of NEW colors of Reclaimed Cashmere AND Mad Balls!  The Mad Balls are almost gone, but you can still score one here.

The Reclaimed Cashmere is a total delight with FIVE NEW and unique colors!

We also got a few more kits updated this week - our gorgeous Choice Shawl is updated, but temporarily as several more of these colorsets will disappear in the coming weeks (thank goodness I hoarded some colors).

The fun and unusual Continuo Kit has SEVEN new colorsets!  Check them all out!

We're putting up summer classes this weekend, so make sure you check them out!  And if you have any last minute requests - this is your moment!  Learn to Knit and Crochet are already scheduled, so if you do one or the other and want to take the plunge into the other one, sign-up now!

Carmah (the cat recuse downstairs) is running a very well timed fund raising event - all you have to do is your regular spring clear out and bring them the stuff you would normally donate!  Starting next week, there should be a box outside their door (you'll see it right next to my door) so drop off all of your clothes, books, and household stuff and it will benefit the kitties that they help out!  I think they are only running this until mid-May, so it is a great motivation to get cleared out for spring!

And don't forget - next Saturday is LYS day!!  Make sure you pop in for some fun!

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