Little Wins on a Friday

Little Wins on a Friday

Good morning lovely knitters!

After doing my morning news check-in and a relatively frustrating day yesterday, I feel like maybe, today, I might just have to focus on little, tiny wins.  So, the bread was super nummy, I saw some awesome WIPS on our "knit night check in" post, Pumpkin decided to NOT have to meow his head off in the middle of the night to wake us up, and I can still head to the shop today to ship orders.  Oh, and asparagus is in season!  Yum!  I hope that doesn't sound lame, but we all gotta cling to the bits of happy, right?  What are your little wins of this week or just day?

If you need your own little win?  Why not join our Finishing Frenzy for this next week?  

Big Zig also made it to Ravelry yesterday.  And there are 3 new colorways of Big Mad Balls!  Since we closed this past weekend for the time being in hopes of keeping all of our knitters safer, we’re going to be existing (hopefully) on pattern sales some online orders for a while. Additionally, because as bad as that seems, there are much bigger problems. So, all the patterns I release during the time that we are closed - 20% of the sales price will go to Doctors without Borders and 20% will go to our Local Food Pantry - Open Table. So, as you can see - your $5 will mean a lot! I’d really appreciate you purchasing it! Thank you!!  

Though Big Zig is meant for Big Mad Balls - if you have a significant stash of coordinating colors, you should fill a laundry basket full of them and get it on the needles!  

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