BIG Mad Ball

Island Yarn

$ 60.00

Meet our newest evolution of Combo Fibers - BIG MAD BALLS!  Like Combo Fibers and regular Mad Balls, each ball is made up of many different fibers, but these balls are double stranded worsted weight - and lots of luxury fibers!  Merino, cashmere, silk, cotton, linen - such good stuff in these balls!  They change randomly as you work creating gorgeous projects like those you see here.  The THREE knit patterns come free with the BIG Mad Balls.  The sweater - Big Mad Snuggle can be made as a capelet like our original Mad Ball Capelet or you can order 4-5 balls of Ella Classic to finish it off as sweater.  The Big Mad Zig Blanket requires 2 balls.

These balls are approx 350-400 grams and 400-500 yards of deliciously changing yarn!  The patterns included are mindless - meant to make you zone out and thoroughly be entertained by the yarn!

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