Last weekend open for a bit.  :(

Last weekend open for a bit. :(

Good morning everyone!
My brain has been going in about a million circles about this, but at last, the decision is that we are going to be closed after this weekend for a bit.  I really don't know how long, but I hope that after a couple of weeks, things will have calmed down.  It has been a tough game of "would you rather" and in the end, I would rather all of you lovely knitters not have a reason to go out (even though I love seeing you) and stay safe in your homes.  I want to see each and every one of your healthy, beautiful faces and loads of awesome projects at the end of this!
We're continuing our delivery service and online ordering and shipping, so if you want and can, please order some yarn or buy a pattern!  I'm not sure how this is going to pan out with the shop, so even if you can at least buy a few patterns here and there, it will help and be VERY much appreciated!  And as I will still be headed to the store occasionally to check on things and hopefully ship some orders, there may be a possibility of a "by appointment only" scenario, but I'm not sure yet - so email me if you really need to come in after this weekend.
I plan on doing ~almost~ daily blogging here while we're away from each other - leave comments and let me know how you are!  Even if takes a shot of rum beforehand, I'm gonna try to be a happy thing you can look at - to contrast the rest!
If you have knitting problems, email me - and send pictures if you can and I bet we'll find a path through the problem.
Annnnd now...all those kids at home.  I'm cleaning out all of my straight needles this morning and bringing them in.  If you are worried about the general stir-craziness of your kids, pop in and buy a ball of yarn for them and I'll be happy to give you a set of needles to go with.  Pop them in front of Youtube and see the boredom dissipate and the knitters emerge!  Supplies of these needles are limited to what I have (which is a shocking amount, but still limited).
And look!  A normal thing in the email!  We have a new pattern and kit!!  Fallen Tresses might be just the fun cast on you need right now!  It uses lovely Huenique Sport and is super fun to knit (I always love being told to drop stitches!)



I think, we knitters, above all, have a gateway to sanity during this, so make yourself turn off the news now and then, take a deep breath and look at the gorgeous thing you've been frantically knitting while watching.  There's happiness and beauty ahead - and if you keep a little of it in your hands, it will be easier to remember!
So, pop in (or order online) this weekend if you want a little stock-up of pretties and be well and safe everyone!  And drop a line if you need anything!
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