FREE Local Delivery for ~some~ amount of time.

It is some odd times we're in right now and I really hope you are all well and safe with the cleanest hands you can imagine!  I know eventually, we'll all be getting pretty stir crazy, but right now it seems best to limit contact as much as possible.  I'm still open, and alcoholing all the surfaces each day, but for those of you at more risk or who are very nervous, I wanted to let you know about this.
Starting tomorrow (Friday, 3/13)  we're going to be trying out limited time FREE local delivery on orders over $40.  For Maynard, Stow, Acton, Sudbury, and Marlborugh, we'll deliver your orders ourselves.  So, if you are thinking a new, fun knitting project might help you get through this ("keep calm and carry pointy sticks" is my philosophy!), you can get one without heading out.
More details than you want:
Deliveries will be made by my daughter or myself, not through the postal service.  We plan to head out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after 12 or 1pm and Sunday after 3pm.  So, if you're looking for quick turn around, get your orders in before those times.
Please indicate on the order where you would like your order left.  
My silly system won't understand specific towns, so I'll refund you shipping if it adds it (which it will between $40 and $75), but I'll do that quickly.
If you don't live in those towns, we still offer FREE shipping on orders over $75 (but it will go through the postal service as normal).
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