Kid's Learn to Knit Kits

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Kid's Learn to Knit Kits

I've been thinking so much about those of you who have kids in school and you teachers out there.  What a freaking mess.  I wish there was a good solution, but it seems like we're all just gonna have to carry on and do our best and hope.  SOOOOO, being that I'm a *little* into knitting ;)  and many of you have, so kindly,  continued to contribute straight needles, I thought I would put together some kid's learn to knit packs.  The educational and stress relieving benefits of knitting are just so many, that it seems even more beneficial to the kids now, more than ever.  (Also, did you guys know that the Friend's schools and I think even some Montessori schools teaching knitting even before reading?)  Here's a great beginner YouTube video for them.  I'm going to include yarn for them to make the best kid's beginner project I know of - this awesomely cute bunny!  

This kits includes a set of gently used straight needles contributed by one of our AMAZING and KIND knitters at Island Yarn, a ball of yarn for the bunny, quick instructions and a plastic darning needle for sewing together.  

My system won't actually let me put in a free item, so if you're wondering why it isn't quite free!  I had thought of using a code, but it would only work once per order and I know a lot of you have more than one kidling.  And if you are local - choose curbside pickup and there will be no shipping charge.  

I also made these totally fun Treasure Balls for the Kids too, so if you want to grab one of those with you;re order, they are here.

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