Friv Cowl Kit

Island Yarn

$ 46.99

I don't know about you guys, but I have been in the mood for something just fun and easy and snuggly.  No brain taxing - "entertain me, dear knitting!" 

Enter Combo Fibers saying, "Helloooo?  Remember me?  The long neglected mother of Mad Balls?"  Yup - some of you know about Combo Fibers, but I am guilty of having been neglecting them for a bit for their shiny Mad Ball offsprings.  But, they are awesome, and it time to have some fun with them.

This cowl uses a Combo Fiber skein and a Stargazer Brushed skein to create a fun, fast, snuggly cowl!  The kit includes 1 of each skein and a pattern download code.  You'll also need a Size 13, 32" circular needle.

Combo Fibers and Mad Balls differ in a few ways.  Combo Fibers are a single strand of yarn, and generally pretty equal in length between changes.  Since they are only one strand, ~usually~ contain heavier yarns than Mad Balls (but sometimes a drastic change is part of the Combo fun).  There are 10 yarns each in combo fiber (whereas as there a way more in Mad Balls) making it slightly easier to plan our something with a Combo Fiber.  They are also less yardage (200) and less $ (26).

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