Four Stripes Scarf or Cowl/Hat Combo Kit

Island Yarn

$ 51.99

These fun, stripey kits are just the thing you need for mindless knitting!  The kits includes 1 of each color of Cotton Merino Tweed that you see in the picture and will make EITHER the Four Stripes Cowl/Hat or the Scarf.  If you want a matching set, you'll need 2 of these kits.   This kits comes with a download code for both projects.

The Four Stripes Cowl/Hat combo is an awesomely soft and cute convertible item.  Untie and it is a cowl, tie the cord at the top and you've got a super cute hat!  My daughter (the model) and I so often do this with our cowls anyway - pulling them up and trying to make them into hats when our ears get cold, I thought it would be a fun project to just make that on purpose.  No I just have to get it away from the daughter!  This is sized for adults or kids.

The Four Stripes Scarf is just the perfect thing for that overly engaging show!  And as mindless as it is, it is JUST the type of scarf that non-knitters always request of their knitter friends.

For you the scarf, you'll want a Size 8, 40" or longer needle, and for the cowl hat combo, you'll need a Size 8, 24" and a Size 6, 16" needle.

Four Stripes was our August SOS Box - if you don't want to miss out on the next great project, go to sign up for Save Our Sanity here.


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