Ariana Kit

Island Yarn

$ 189.90

Everytime I pick up our Snooze blanket in the shop, I want it to be something that I can wear.  Finally, I’ve got a wearable Snooze!  Ariana combines the delicious Silkiness of Noro Tsubame with Ella Rae Silk Kid - making is a luscious, silky delight.  This garment is so light and delicious to wear, you’ll be lounging in it all day!  Also, it is a very amorphous fabric, so you can block it longer or wider than the measurements that the schematic gives as it suits you.  The two sizes given are primarily for height.  If you are 5’5” or taller, use the larger size.  If you are shorter than 5’5”, use the smaller size.

This kit includes all the yarn you need (2 Noro Tsubame and 6 or 7 Ella Rae Silky Kid) to make Ariana and a pattern download  (the pattern download will come in your order confirmation).  You'll need size 11 circular needles, 40", size 5 needles or and E Crochet hook (for the belt).

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