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Crackers for Knitters! NOW SHIPPING!

Island Yarn Company

$ 14.99
Crackers for Knitters! NOW SHIPPING!

Have you popped open a cracker on Christmas and wished that your shoe-horn was a stitch marker?  Or a cute little mini-knitting kit to make a fun ittty bitty knit?  (I believe I am not alone in these desires!)

Once again this year, we at Island Yarn, have made hand-made crackers JUST for you knitters!  Filled with fun that you will appreciate even after the fun POP is done!  Each cracker contains a mini-kit, surprise notions, secret codes and more (some things have to be a surprise, right?)  We've carefully planned these so that you'll get value (well over $15!) and fun with each pop!

And if you have lots of knitters in your life, check out our 5-pack!  (It's buy 4, get one free!!)  Get two five-packs and you'll also get FREE shipping!

We'll only be shipping these until December 19th (even that late date makes us a little nervous about delivery, so order early so you'll be all set!) and then they we'll be done for the year.  We are also anticipating that we might run out of these, so best to get your order in soon.  (If you need your crackers shipped earlier, please be in touch and we can probably work out an early shipment for those of you who are sending packages to your beloved knitters far and wide.)

Since crackers are always fun, if you are ordering, but don't necessarily want them to be overly Christmas-y, just leave a note on your order and we'll send you little more holiday-neutral crackers.  This year (as requested), we also have some crochet crackers!!!  If you want just knit, just crochet, or a mix of both, please leave it in the notes - if you just want a surprise, you don't have to say anything!  :)


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