Wednesday, March 29, 2023 - K+CAL Announcement!

Hello lovely knitters!  We've got SO much springy news for you today, I thought it was worth its very own post!  

First because it is quick, and I know you have been bereft of Mad Balls the last few weeks (sorry - birthday, doing taxes - there just wasn't enough time!), we have this gorgeous, NEW spring batch of Mad Balls!
For those of us in New England, we are anxiously awaiting the colors of spring.  It is still pretty grey and brown around here, so I thought these Mad Balls might help them along.  It always seems like Azalea bushes are some of the first to really start popping colors, so this is the Azalea batch!
And now, in MORE spring news, it is time to start our super fun Spring KAL!  And it isn't just a KAL its a K+CAL!  Which means you can play no matter what yarny craft your favorite and if you do both? Even better!  
So, what's the project?  A lot of you have seen me obsessively making (and using) these super cute cupcake project bags.  And the patterns are finally ready to go!  
My favorite is the Crochet+ Knit version (as seen above) and there are actually several more or these floating around my house and the shop.  They are quick, fun, and PERFECT for stash busting!  
Then, for those of you who ONLY crochet - there is the crochet only version:
You can find kits for either of those here.  The knit version is a little different because it needed to be felted to be sturdy enough.
The knit only version - kits can be found here.
The best part of this Cupcake K+CAL is that you can clean out a lot of random stuff from your stash - leftovers, rogue skeins - anything and then have a really great projects bag(s).  And, just fyi, if you are the type of person who is moving away from using gift wrap for presents - these also make REALLY awesome reusable gift bags!
We have put together kits here and here for those of you who don't have stash (I think there might be 2 of you) or who just really like the less chaotic versions.  If you are going to make the knit only version, a kit might be necessary because you have to be sure that one yarn will felt well and one yarn will survive the hot wash and not felt at all, which these in the kit are perfect for.
How the K+CAL will work
I really want to see as many of these cute bags as possible so this K+CAL is going to be a contest!  You can start anytime until April 16th, but joining early will give you more time to make them!  The person(s) who make the most Cupcakes bags and post pictures on Instagram (you must use the #islandcupcakebags so that we'll see it) and/or Ravelry (the pattern will be released to Ravelry on April 3 or 4th and then you can start posting your pictures) by 5/31/23 will win a great prize (which will be revealed the second week of April)!!
To get an early start and early access, you can order a Cupcake kit or order the pattern 3-pack here (all 3 patterns are here for the price of 1!) if you are ready to get started busting some stash. 
Is this not the most fun spring cleaning that you could think of?  Clean out your stash and get your projects organized into super cute project bags all at once!  
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