Thank you so much!!  Annnnd....

Thank you so much!! Annnnd....

Good morning lovely knitters and crocheters and other yarners!

I cannot possibly thank you enough for the lovely, wonderful and generous support you showed this weekend.  You guys are so completely fantastic and the only problem was that I couldn't hug you all like crazy!!  So, I hope you get the warm fuzzies here and consider yourself bear hugged like disease doesn't even exist!

I think, one of the worst (mentally) parts of all of this is that we just don't know what to do.  We're left with weird energy even after we've knit thousands of stitches.  We want to help, but don't really know how yet - except by ~not~ doing and it just feels crazy-making.  So, I have a tiny plan (so far - as long as the booze holds, I'm sure I'll have a few more - increasing in insanity as we go, no doubt)!

Grumpy Santa left some sets of needles and small balls of yarn outside the shop.  I have plenty of yarn so far to give away - thanks to generous destashers of the past, but I'm low on straight needles.  I hope to get more, but I thought - hmmmm....I know a lot of knitters that have abandoned their straight needles.  Maybe they would like to help!  So, if you have got a languishing straight needle stash, you can cull it and drop off what you would like to give at the shop.  I'll put out some kind of bin tomorrow (Tuesday)  when I pop in, but there isn't one yet so if you come before hand - if you have a good bag, you can tuck it behind the bin that is there with the yarn/needle sets.  If Sadia (the new, lovely hairdresser next door) is there, I bet she'd let you leave stuff with her too, but I don't think she will be. 

Then tell your local friends that are anxious and fidgety and non-knitters, go pick one up (they are FREE - one per person) and sit themselves down in front of YouTube and learn to knit. Spread the sanity, my lovely knitters. We all need it! 

Again, thank you all so much!  It gets proved again and again - knitters are just the BEST and KINDEST people!!  


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You are brilliant, Vicki! Thanks for thinking of ways to spread calm and positivity. <3


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