Saturday, October 21, 2023

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Good morning lovely knitters!  I know it looks like a drippy day ahead, but I have to tell you foliage on the way to the shop has been GORGEOUS this week.  This might just be the perfect day to take a ride out before serious rain comes and knocks down all of the leaves!

This week, we've been Advent Boxing our little faces off!  Did you order yours yet? And it has been making us feel like the holidays are REALLY coming on fast.  Which, let's be honest, they are.  The moment Halloween passes, it feels like a mad rush through the rest of the year!  I hope you've got your gifts one the needles!

Speaking of the holidays, we decided to do a fun little party/mini-handmade market this year!  We did it once before and it was super fun!  Check out all of the details so you don't miss out!  (Sorry to anyone who lives too far - this is all and in store bit.)

WHEN: Sunday, December 3, 2023, 2 or 3 to 6.  There's a really fun holiday parade in Maynard at 2, so we thought we could all see the parade and then have our shop fun.  Make sure you come either early enough to be able to park in the Mill Lot or late enough that its over - otherwise, you won't get through!  The parade goes right by the shop.  :)

WHAT: Holiday refreshments, Mini Handmade Market, Secret Snowflake/Santa, and lots of yarny silliness!

 - We still have just 3 spots for our little mini-market (card table size area).  We'd like to have some fun variety of art and craft, so if you would like to sell your stuff that day, get in touch.  There's no charge - I just want you to have some fun and sales to start December with!

- We're going to do a Secret Snowflake/Santa Gift Swap!  If you want to participate, either email me here or pop into the store, so that we can get your details and match you up with someone.  This is going to be SO fun!  

I think those are the details for now!  More to come, but mark your calendar and get in touch if you want to participate!

It is just 9 weeks until Christmas!  It is the perfect time to get a Junction 14 set going!  This set makes a perfect gift (knits up fast and is SO luscious) if you can stand to let it go!  Find kits here!

We released out newest podcast on Monday!  Check it out!

Time is running out for Shasta to be our featured kit!  Make sure you grab it this month to get 300 bonus points in your stash cash!

We also had a great Free Pattern Friday contest on Facebook and Instagram yesterday - don't miss out on the next one!  Follow us there!

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