Saturday, November 19, 2022

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Good morning lovely knitters!  The weather has certainly made its big change this week and with Thanksgiving upon us, we've all better get super serious about our knitted gifts!  

The first little batch of Christmas Mad Balls appeared this week!  I'll try to get the rest done this weekend, but I'm not sure how many more there will be, so if you see one you like - don't delay!

This week only - we have Araucania Tierra del Fuego at 20% off and when you get a skein, we'll email you a copy of this cute Chloe Hat pattern! 

This is a great, QUICK gift that you can still make lots of and keep the whole family warm!

I also, finally, let Kureyon Air head to the sale bin.  It is fantastic chunky, squishy yarn that I kept holding on to in just hoping that it would get re-introduced.  But it doesn't seem like it, so now you can grab it at a great price.  

And, I think we're DONE making Advent Calendars!  There are still LOTS of the surprise me boxes but only a couple of ALL of the other colors. 

Advent is right around the corner, so order soon so that you'll have your treats by December 1! 

We'll probably only have these in store only after next weekend because there just won't be enough time to get it shipped, so grab it before they disappear!

I think that's it for this week - it is the perfect day to plan your Thanksgiving knitting - you never know when you might need to pretend you're counting when someone tries to ask you a question that is best not answered...except by "34, 35, 36!"  Lol!

Hope to see you!

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