Saturday, November 12, 2022

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Good morning lovely knitters!  I know it is a bit gloomy out now, but my phone says the sun is going to come out and make a gorgeous day!  Let's hope my phone isn't a dirty little liar!

And with just 6 weeks until Christmas, this is probably the last knitted gift that takes a little bit of time that we are going to feature, but there's still a bit of time and loads of people have been reconnecting with our fabulous Big Fat Stratus lately that it is worth talking about again! 

This is cowl is just one of the best ever (I'm wearing one right now - though I've been wearing it for so many years, it is pretty beat up and just my wear around the house in my pjs cowl)!  Knitters love it for the mindless, easy, but gorgeous project that it is and non-knitters love the look and feel of it SO much that you just can't go wrong if you are making a gift for someone.  As always, there are loads more options in the shop to build your own kit, but you can get kits here.

We're still shipping Advent Calendars, but almost done making them, which means the neutral, Christmas and rainbow flavors are dwindling quickly.

  December 1st is coming quick - so get yours here so that you don't miss out!  

And!  We are having a wee contest! Set up your boxes in a cute way (maybe you've got a mini-tree or a watchful gnome?) and post a picture on either facebook and/or instagram. Make sure you use tag them @islandyarn and #islandyarnadventbox so that we'll know you've posted. One lucky poster will win a $20 giftcard! You don't have to be local to participate and if you are a hilarious rearranger, you can post more than once and increase your chances at being the drawn winner!

Howl for Noro is still 20% when you buy 4 or more kits AND we have new Mad Balls this week.  Stay tuned next week for the once a year Christmas batch of Mad Balls!

I hope to see you all post-rain!  Have a beautiful yarn filled day!  :)

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