Saturday, November 11, 2023

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Good morning lovely knitters!  Boy, the weather this week is really reminding us that the holidays are fast approaching.  And if I can ever be awake at 7 right now, and not think it is 10pm - I'll be so happy!  How are you adjusting to the time change?  Are we all yawning together?

Time is just going crazy fast.  It occurred to me this week that is was only 2 weeks until Thanksgiving!  Craziness!  That means it is SIX weeks until Christmas and you guys are definitely starting to knit like lightening!  AND we've got a NEW kit just for your quick knitting Christmas!  Our Festive stocking is just too cute - a perfect thing for the new addition to your family, or just to wrap up some special goodies for someone!  Grab one soon - the supplies are a bit limited on this one!

We had a NEW batch of jewel toned Mad Balls in this week!  Mad Balls make great gifts for knitters!  Since they come with 18 FREE patterns (in a download) you don't have to feel like you are choosing a project for your knitter friends!

We are all caught up shipping and making Advent Boxes!  Loads of you have asked about getting one for a friend after you've gotten yours - just HURRY!  There are quite a few of Christmas and Surprise Me colors, but the others are nearly gone.  I'm anxiously awaiting to see who is the naughtiest of all the knitters and comes in with a finished project!  Ha!

We got a HUGE restock of Louisa Harding Caraz yesterday!  I still have to update the listing, but we have almost every color in stock - so if you order a "pre-order" color, it will likely go straight out to you.

Of course it is also time for you to remind your gifters that we have giftcards!  I love seeing you all in January - excited to have some free yarn money in your hot little hands! (And if they aren't hot - you can buy some yarn and make mittens!)

And lastly, don't forget to vote on your favorite Shawl in the Shawl Showdown from this week's podcastAcorn Path is going head to head with Solea Wave in tealy delicious episode!

Ok - I think I'd better stop rambling and get going!  I hope to see you today!

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