Saturday, March 27, 2021

Victoria Myers

Good morning lovely knitters!  Well, we've almost made it through March - and thankfully, besides some shocking wind, we seem to be at the lamb end of March!  Lots of shipments are still delayed, but next week - Nori Kakigori will be in!  (You'll see loads of pretty things to knit with it in Noro Magazine #18).  Thankfully, Japan doesn't need the Suez Canal to get things to us!

I see a lot of people getting A Bag of Dragons on the needles, so if you haven't grabbed a kit yet, best do it soon before the endless shipping issues make these kits back-ordered!  

I've had a call from someone looking to find a knitter-for-hire who will make some nice, old-school stockings for her family after her mother passed away last year.  If you are interested, pop me an email and I'll pass her info along to you.  She's got several of these that she wants done, and continuing on as the babies are coming along in her family, so it could be a nice little gig if you are good with Christmas stockings! 

I used to have a list of potential Knitters For Hire, but this call reminded me that it might be time to refresh it!  If you would like to be added to the list, please fill this out (just copy and paste it and fill in) and email it to me (islandyarn AT gmail DOT com) or bring it in.  I'm only connecting people looking for potential knitters, so I won't deal with any payments or other issues.

Knitters – For – Hire Contact Sheet



Phone Number:

Ravelry projects page or another site where people can see your work:


Will you do finishing work for other knitters? 


Specialties (ex…shawls, sweaters, baby items):


Can/will you custom knit?


If you specialty is sweaters, can/will you custom fit?


Can/will you recreate from an existing item?


Fiber allergies?


Any other amazing things about you?


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