Saturday, March 11, 2023

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Good morning lovely knitters!  I'm running really late this morning so I'm going to be super quick!  I think my brain decided to mess with time a day early!  And on that note - don't forget to change your clocks tonight.  Also - weren't we going to stop doing that??  Anywho....

We have a loads of NEW gorgeous Mad Balls in this week!


And the spring yarn in starting to arrive in force!  Not online yet, but we received a really lovely yarn called Andina Cotton from Katia.  It is a super yummy cotton/alpaca blend.  Pop in to get your paws in it!

And, with the arrival of some NEW Kureyon Colors, I put together a few new kits for A Bag of Dragons

I always feel a little felty in spring and LOVE to have a new knitting bag to reward myself from spring cleaning!  You?

Ok - brief - see?  Once in a while, I can do a quick one!  I hope to see your lovely faces today!

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