Saturday, January 27, 2024

Good morning lovely knitters!  It seems I have let myself get distracted a little too long this morning, and now it is getting late.  I'm going to be super fast!

We just had a Free Pattern Friday on Facebook and Instagram!  If you missed it, make sure you follow us there to take part in the next one!

There are already a couple of Brioche Lite Sweater color options back-ordered, so make sure you grab yours before it disappears!

I've been dyeing a bit of Kraken this week - come in to see!  We've got some Walden Sunset, Ultra, and kind of Mulberry in!  (Kind of because I tried to do it from memory when I found I didn't have my brain book - its gorgeous, but I wasn't quite right!)

We also had a gorgeous NEW batch of Mad Balls this week!

Also, I heard from someone this week about a charity project that we are starting soon (or now, if you want a quick new project)!  The Beth Israel NICU gives a sweater to all the very sick babies and they are running extremely low.  So, I think WE can handle this!  The sweaters must be cardigans, but can be made of anything (they usually only get worn once before becoming special momentos).  Here is a link to loads of FREE baby cardigans (hedge your bets with the smallest size - these little babes are usually super tiny) for both knitting and crochet!  I'll come up with more details this week, but I thought I would mention it if you want to get started!  

Ok - was that quick?  Ish.  Quick-ish.

Hope to see you for a yarn fondle today!

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