Saturday, February 3, 2024

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Good morning lovely yarners!  I am SO happy that the sun is FINALLY out!  We all need it!  This has been a crazy week - so I'm just going to mention a couple of things and then get myself off to the shop!

We got a BUNCH of boxes filled with NEW colors of Cumulus Rainbow, Cumulus Degrade, NEW Cumulus Stripes, Cirrus Rainbow and NEW Cirrus Jacquard!  SO EXCITING!!  Since my week exploded all over me, the only listing that I managed to update so far is Cumulus Rainbow (SO GORGEOUS), but stay tuned as the weekend goes on to see more!  Or if you are local, make sure you pop in today to get and eyeful - or an armful!

We also just put Cumulus' bulky sister, Nimbus, in the sale bin!  Mostly because it is discontinued, but also because we are making baby sweaters for the Beth Israel NICU! They give a handknit sweater to all of their very sick babies and are running very low. You can use any yarn you want, but I did just throw the luscious JMF Nimbus into the sale bin to start us off right! These sweaters are usually used during special faith ceremonies and then given to the parents as a keepsake - so they are special (but don't really have to be washable. They do have to be cardigans to accommodate wires and such helping the baby out.   Here is a link to loads of FREE baby cardigans (hedge your bets with the smallest size - these little babes are usually super tiny) for both knitting and crochet!

And that's it today or else I'm going to be late!  I hope to see your sun-filled faces today!

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