Saturday, February 24, 2024

Good morning lovely knitters!  The ultimate sniffer, Mooney and I are thinking spring is maybe trying to blow in.  He's been very interested in window sitting - I think the birdies are coming back to entertain him!

This week, we reworked our Watery Ripples kits with ALL of the NEW colors of Juniper Moon Farm Cumulus Rainbow!

This is such a fun pattern and every colorway is prettier than the last!

We also added FOUR new colorsets to our gorgeous Starburst Shawl kits!  Teal lovers rejoice - you're going to love these colors!

I also did a bunch of dyeing this week - there will be a BRAND new hat pattern for Singulush next week, and our next featured pattern features delicious Kraken!  AND we are checking out some new base yarns.  I dyed a whole bunch of minis - so next week, when you pop in (or order something online), you can grab a free mini to swatch.  And the tag just might have a discount code for when you want to order more after swatching!

We had a boatload of NEW Mad Balls - all delightful shades of green (I need green while waiting for spring)!  All of these would go amazingly well with Juniper Moon Farm Cotton Merino #8 if you are plotting a Mad Stollen Blanket!

We had lots of fun in this week's podcast!  Make sure you check it out for some yarny talk and silly cat antics!

I think that's all for today!  I hope to see you all!  :)

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