Saturday, February 13, 2021

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Good morning, lovely knitters!  Happy Valentines Day tomorrow and happy school vacation week to all of you teachers who have been working like crazy!!  You earned a break!!  So, I hope you have some soft, squishy yarn to fall into for the next week!

I don't actually have a TON to tell you this week - we're just on the cusp of turning the spring corner which means I'm mostly trying to make space for NEW spring things!!  But that means there are a few, new, awesome yarns in the Sale Bin (things I really wish I didn't have to let go of, but have been discontinued).

I've also got the NEW swifts from Lykke in the shop - only 3, so if you want one, come in and grab one as they are already backordered again!  They are gorgeous and only $50 - which is a steal for a wooden swift!

And I have a FEW of the Noro Heart Scarf kits in store - if you want to grab one quick - again, I've only got THREE and they are Version F, but a great quick grab for your Valentines weekend!

 Mostly the snow has left me humming this - which always happens in February (and Dar Williams is a local treasure that everyone should know about!) - don't listen to it if sad songs make you even sadder!  But it is awesome if sad songs give you a little good catharsis!  I think we're out of the super cold - probably for the year (here's hoping) so I bet I'll have much more next week!  Keep warm and knitting lovelies!

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