Saturday, August 6, 2022

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Good morning lovely knitters!  Well, aren't we just all thrilled with this constant heat and humidity.  Yup - I feel you.  There is nothing I'm craving more right this second than to feel that first cool breeze that says "Hello, I'm fall - I'm headed your way."  And I mean nothing - not even chocolate!

But as this weather does give us loads of time inside, hiding out in the AC - of COURSE we have some fun for you!

First - our featured pattern this month is the super fun, gorgeous and engaging Starburst Shawl!

I could make one of these in just about every color combination!  (As soon as I work out that knitting in my sleep thing.)  Seeing the projects that have come back is SO much fun - every one is delightful and the colorplay is just jaw-dropping!

I've added NEW colorsets to the listing for the fun featured time - this MIGHT just be the project to keep you your brain from melting - because it will be too busy watching that fun color progressions!

Also this week, we had a bunch of NEW Mad Balls - my favorite batch - I feel like a queen would like this batch - but maybe that's just my brain telling my what period movie costume designers have taught me!  But, I don't care, I love it all the same!

AND we released the crochet version of Grist!  There are kits available here.

This is the crochet version of the Greater Boston Yarn Crawl pattern for 2022 - make it now and wear it as you crawl!  You'll love collecting all the little prizes, just for wearing your gorgeous shawl!

The kit for the knit version is available here!

Stay cool and pray for rain!!

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